Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Days...I want more!!!

So, basically we had our first three snow days of the school year last week and now I and many others are looking for every possible hint of having another one. It becomes rather sad when you that it is snowing outside and your first response is no longer “Oh, how pretty!” but “Maybe we won’t have school tomorrow!” That happened to me today. I was baking cookies for Christmas, the first batch turned out terrible but I blame the recipe, and I looked out the window to see that it was snowing an actually descent amount and my first thought was to turn on the news to see if it would last long enough to get a possible snow day. We only have two days of school before winter break but I would still love another day off of school. It happens every year. After the first snow day we realize a simple way to get out of school and the homework that comes with it, snow! This year it was our first major snowfall too! We received either ten or eleven inches depending on where you lived and got three consecutive days off. I find myself checking the news to see when the next snowfall is supposed to be and what exactly we might get out of it. The conversation at school changes to “Well did you hear about the possible snow storm next weekend,” or “Do you think we will get off of school on Monday?” The possibility of a free day in the middle of the week to hang out with friends while the parents still have to go to work seems so appealing that people are not thinking about the fact that we have to make them up in the Spring term unless you are a senior. If you are a senior you are spending you winter very close to the weather channel hoping for every flurry to turn into a blizzard system because unlike the other kids you will leave high school before the snow make up days are even in sight. Next year, when I will be a senior, I know I will definitely be wishing for that. Ha! I may even participate in an ice/blizzard mix dance, just so I get the full use of my senior year’s perks that deal with weather. I mean seriously who wouldn’t? So even though I could probably manage to make it through school for two more days before break it would be just that much better if I only had one more day. So let’s hope for a freeze…it was misting earlier ;)

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