Friday, December 11, 2009

Numb Body, Numb Mind

Whenever people ask me why my favorite season is winter, I usually respond with a response about how Christmas and my birthday fall in winter or the fact that I like it when it is snowing. These things are true there is another reason why I like the winter, the fact that it is cold. Ok, so that probably sound really strange but it is true, I like the fact that if I step outside it is cold. Now, this does not mean that I am a huge fan of below zero temperatures but there are times that I don’t mind a little bit of freezing temperatures. They can come in handy at least I like to think so. Whenever something is really weighing on my thoughts I like to go out into the cold for a little while because it kind of numbs everything so that I can look past stuff for a little while. When the cold air overtakes me it is almost stimulating to slowly disconnect from my body and whatever it is that is laying heavy on my mind. It is almost like as my body starts to numb so does my mind and whatever it is that is troubling me kind of slips out of focus. It is not like I am condoning going off into the cold for hours to get away from my problems it is just for a little while when I really need to get away from it the most. The cold not only takes my problem out of focus but it clears my mind overall from all other worries. When I go outside and it is really cold. I know that it is just me and my thoughts that are left, no worries and difficult emotions just raw, fresh thought. It is revitalizing to get away from the emotional part of thought if only for a moment. It really opens your eyes to what lies beneath it all. I find that it usually clears away the emotions to allow true, cold thought. When that is all you have left the sky is your limit. New ideas, new solutions pop into my head and before I realize it, I am at peace with my mind. It is usually by that time that I really cannot feel my toes and rush inside where the warmth of the house overtakes me and I am suddenly hit with the return of my emotions and feeling in my toes:) So that is secretly the reason why I love winter but if you ever ask me I will probably just say its because of my birthday or Christmas.

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