Thursday, December 17, 2009

I just want to sleep

Lately I have been in a really weird slump. I don’t know if it is just this time of the year but I am just so sick of everything. It has gotten so bad that I cannot tell if I am just sick and just need to sleep it all off or if I am just ready to get away from everything and need a vacation! I am hoping it is just the first one because I just came back from a vacation and so one would think that I would still be somewhat relaxed from my trip, but that is definitely not the case. Anymore I feel that all I want to do is sleep! It seems rather abnormal because I can usually not stand to be asleep for more than six hours, which may sound strange to most people but that is just my needed amount of sleep, but this week I have been sleeping every possible minute I can. Let me tell you sleeping long hours is just not fun! When I am awake I either thinking about going back to bed or how pathetic it is that I have been sleeping so much. The worst part is my procrastination has grown exponentially! It is ridiculous how a little cold or whatever can do that but the amount of work I have done this week is rather little. Luckily, my teachers have been a caring mood, my guess is it has something to do with the season, and have not really been assigning too much homework for me to push off until the last moment. They have however been planning for quite a few tests!! Like seriously, we have only a few days left before week and I have a test in almost every class and in some classes I have more than one!!!!! Like I get that teachers are trying to wrap up what we are talking about so that we do not have to come back and supposedly do really bad on the tests but then isn’t the point of learning to retain the information?? If we can’t remember what we were taught a few weeks ago then why are we being taught at all? It seems pretty pointless to me if we cannot remember stuff from two weeks ago. Now that I have said this I am sure I will probably be asked a question about something I learned last week and not be able to answer….but I will most definitely be blaming the cold for that one ;)

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