Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gift System

Let’s face it we are all counting the days until Christmas. There is so much to love about the holiday: the specially gift-wrapped presents; the delicious, enticing feast; and for most people the family and friends that we enjoy good spirits with. Christmas is still a little way away so most people are still in the preparation mode, planning what to serve on Christmas dinner and getting everything needed to prepare it, decorating the house with a tree, nativity and whatever else is in the bins in their storage marked for Christmas, not to mention racking their brains for the perfect gift for everyone on their list. There is quite a lot of work that goes into the merry holiday. I think that it is not too quick to say that most people’s favorite part of the holiday is the gifts. I know that I love seeing people’s reactions to what I got them, if the reaction is good at least, and really love getting gifts :) Now, my mother is miserable about hiding the gifts she got me. Almost every year I have either guessed exactly what the gift was or have accidentally found it while messing around with little trinkets in her room. It has gotten to the point in recent years that she basically gives me my gift the day she buys it no matter how far away from Christmas, usually not wrapped either. But not this year! Today she told me that she was not going to let that happen this year. I do know one thing she must have bought whatever it is online because my brother and I were given explicit orders not to open any packages that come to the house. I asked my mother why we were no longer allowed to open the packages that come to the house, because we have always opened the packages no matter who they are addressed to. Shhh! I think that may be a crime although I don’t see what the big deal would be opening our mother’s packages. Anyways that is when she informed me of her plan to not let us see our gifts this year which is so against the system we have established for the past couple of years. It leaves me very curious for what it could possibly be…I guess I will just have to wait. The problem is that our system worked really well for me because I dislike waiting very much. I am rather impatient to find out if it will be something I like or not and whether or not I can really find a use for whatever it is. I guess I will just have to wait with anticipation…

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