Sunday, December 6, 2009

Playtime Poppy

I just finished up a playtime poppy production of “A Year with Frog and Toad.” Some of you may not know what playtime poppy is so I will do my best to explain it. Basically our school puts on a play/musical each year that is directed toward a younger audience aka little kids and this year was “A Year with Frog and Toad.” It was really fun because it was my first time trying out for playtime poppy and I was a mouse! We got to interact with the little kids throughout the show and they all seemed to really like it because I know several that came to more than one show! It was all super fun and I am kind of sad to see it be over because I met a lot of new people and made a lot of new friends. There was a lot of bonding because we had all spent so much time together, we even ate dinner as a group between the performances on Thursday and Friday, and then when it came down to the show we had to feed off each other to make the show great. It didn’t hurt that we all had our very unique costumes to laugh about. Like seriously I was supposed to be a mouse and I was wearing a jail suit with a blue vest over it along with white pants and a red tutu over the jail suit, not to mention the giant mouse ears and the afro… I am not saying the costumes were bad actually the opposite they were unique and had the air of avant-garde. It was funny though when I was asked by a little kid if I had done time because of course my jail numbers were showing :) Basically the last night which was yesterday was like the highlight of the whole experience; not only did we rock our two performances but then I went to dinner some of my besties before hanging out at the cast party with the new friends we had made. It was really crazy how much we had bonded. While changing out of our costumes for the very last time the girl’s dressing room broke into “In the Jungle” from “The Lion King!” It was like hysterical that we had all been around each other for soo long that we could all burst into song without one word of planning. It just goes to show you how close you get to people after being in close contact for so long. To all my fellow Playtime Poppy friends, “It was fun!” and to the girls click here:)

oh and check out these costumes:)

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