Thursday, December 3, 2009

Break Loose

So, I have decided to revamp my blog. I mean I really liked my old concept because poetry and politics really do interest me but I was really starting to bother me. I felt so constrained. It was this path that I had put myself on and the farther along I went the more I saw all these pretty flowers off the path that made me want to go and pick them. And after resisting for so long I finally couldn’t take it anymore so I left the guided path and went and picked another flower. This is kind of where I got the concept for my revisions. I changed the name to Break Loose because I broke from the path I had provided myself as a safety net and decided to follow the flowers so that they may guide me where they so choose. Not only am I providing this theme to my blog but also to other aspects of my life. I have always felt like there was this path that I was following everyday and I have finally decided to Break Loose from some of my restraints. I am not talking about going crazy here and breaking every rule I have ever set for myself but just a few of them that seem so silly. For instance, I am tired of worrying about every little detail in my life, some things I just need to not freak about and so I am just not going too. Haha ok. I know it is like totally easier said than done and will likely take time but that is ok with me because as far as I know I have the time, I am a teenager after all :) So, I guess I really haven’t said much about what this blog is going to be like now and there is a very good reason for that. I have no idea! I mean for right now I think I am just going to blog about the first thing comes to mind truthfully. Which means it will probably be very relaxed and sometimes full of fluff and other times I may just rant about something my little brother did to annoy me ;) haha Well whoever follows this blog, if anyone :P haha but really I hope you enjoy it and if you don’t well then sucks for you! Oh, by the way that is kind of, exactly why I chose the Dr. Suess quote for my description!! That and I just absolutely love the playfulness of Dr. Seuss.

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