Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Days...I want more!!!

So, basically we had our first three snow days of the school year last week and now I and many others are looking for every possible hint of having another one. It becomes rather sad when you that it is snowing outside and your first response is no longer “Oh, how pretty!” but “Maybe we won’t have school tomorrow!” That happened to me today. I was baking cookies for Christmas, the first batch turned out terrible but I blame the recipe, and I looked out the window to see that it was snowing an actually descent amount and my first thought was to turn on the news to see if it would last long enough to get a possible snow day. We only have two days of school before winter break but I would still love another day off of school. It happens every year. After the first snow day we realize a simple way to get out of school and the homework that comes with it, snow! This year it was our first major snowfall too! We received either ten or eleven inches depending on where you lived and got three consecutive days off. I find myself checking the news to see when the next snowfall is supposed to be and what exactly we might get out of it. The conversation at school changes to “Well did you hear about the possible snow storm next weekend,” or “Do you think we will get off of school on Monday?” The possibility of a free day in the middle of the week to hang out with friends while the parents still have to go to work seems so appealing that people are not thinking about the fact that we have to make them up in the Spring term unless you are a senior. If you are a senior you are spending you winter very close to the weather channel hoping for every flurry to turn into a blizzard system because unlike the other kids you will leave high school before the snow make up days are even in sight. Next year, when I will be a senior, I know I will definitely be wishing for that. Ha! I may even participate in an ice/blizzard mix dance, just so I get the full use of my senior year’s perks that deal with weather. I mean seriously who wouldn’t? So even though I could probably manage to make it through school for two more days before break it would be just that much better if I only had one more day. So let’s hope for a freeze…it was misting earlier ;)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I just want to sleep

Lately I have been in a really weird slump. I don’t know if it is just this time of the year but I am just so sick of everything. It has gotten so bad that I cannot tell if I am just sick and just need to sleep it all off or if I am just ready to get away from everything and need a vacation! I am hoping it is just the first one because I just came back from a vacation and so one would think that I would still be somewhat relaxed from my trip, but that is definitely not the case. Anymore I feel that all I want to do is sleep! It seems rather abnormal because I can usually not stand to be asleep for more than six hours, which may sound strange to most people but that is just my needed amount of sleep, but this week I have been sleeping every possible minute I can. Let me tell you sleeping long hours is just not fun! When I am awake I either thinking about going back to bed or how pathetic it is that I have been sleeping so much. The worst part is my procrastination has grown exponentially! It is ridiculous how a little cold or whatever can do that but the amount of work I have done this week is rather little. Luckily, my teachers have been a caring mood, my guess is it has something to do with the season, and have not really been assigning too much homework for me to push off until the last moment. They have however been planning for quite a few tests!! Like seriously, we have only a few days left before week and I have a test in almost every class and in some classes I have more than one!!!!! Like I get that teachers are trying to wrap up what we are talking about so that we do not have to come back and supposedly do really bad on the tests but then isn’t the point of learning to retain the information?? If we can’t remember what we were taught a few weeks ago then why are we being taught at all? It seems pretty pointless to me if we cannot remember stuff from two weeks ago. Now that I have said this I am sure I will probably be asked a question about something I learned last week and not be able to answer….but I will most definitely be blaming the cold for that one ;)

Lady Gaga

I am part of this speech team group that is called radio news and I was researching some of the biggest things in entertainment since the beginning of the school year. Of course, the first thought in my mind was the Kanye West’s Taylor Swift VMA award attack but then I was looking back at the award show and remembered Lady Gaga’s unusual performance of her hit “Paparazzi.” I figured that it was another good subject to look up so I started researching it. For those of you who haven’t seen this performance that can only be described as something Lady Gaga would do. This means very abnormal costumes, all in white, that cover as little of the body as possible and anything else that could possibly be described as abnormal. I found an article from before the VMAs where Lady Gaga was explaining the theme for her performance. I thought it was very strange that she was not only ending the performance with a death but with the way she believes she will die. Below is the live performance and you will probably wonder the same thing I did after seeing it and hearing her statement about the performance; what the heck?!? Like seriously??? You can probably guess just from my response that it is a pretty strange way to die. It makes you think what kind of sick mind would actually want to die in such an awful manner. Perhaps she does not want to die in this exact manner but according to the article she seems to think that is how her last minutes are going to be spent. I have often admired Lady Gaga for her confidence and bravery for some of the berserk outfits she has worn out in public, but now I wonder just exactly how stable is she??? She does have some crazy ideas in her head and I guess that is what makes her so great and such a success. People admire her for her ability to go out into the public eye in the things she does, but truthfully you would never catch any of them in any of the things she wears! There and my admiration comes from a desire to be as open as she is, to be able to not give a darn if she ends up on the best or worst dressed list, she is often on either one of the other, and never feel the need to back down! You go, Lady Gaga.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Numb Body, Numb Mind

Whenever people ask me why my favorite season is winter, I usually respond with a response about how Christmas and my birthday fall in winter or the fact that I like it when it is snowing. These things are true there is another reason why I like the winter, the fact that it is cold. Ok, so that probably sound really strange but it is true, I like the fact that if I step outside it is cold. Now, this does not mean that I am a huge fan of below zero temperatures but there are times that I don’t mind a little bit of freezing temperatures. They can come in handy at least I like to think so. Whenever something is really weighing on my thoughts I like to go out into the cold for a little while because it kind of numbs everything so that I can look past stuff for a little while. When the cold air overtakes me it is almost stimulating to slowly disconnect from my body and whatever it is that is laying heavy on my mind. It is almost like as my body starts to numb so does my mind and whatever it is that is troubling me kind of slips out of focus. It is not like I am condoning going off into the cold for hours to get away from my problems it is just for a little while when I really need to get away from it the most. The cold not only takes my problem out of focus but it clears my mind overall from all other worries. When I go outside and it is really cold. I know that it is just me and my thoughts that are left, no worries and difficult emotions just raw, fresh thought. It is revitalizing to get away from the emotional part of thought if only for a moment. It really opens your eyes to what lies beneath it all. I find that it usually clears away the emotions to allow true, cold thought. When that is all you have left the sky is your limit. New ideas, new solutions pop into my head and before I realize it, I am at peace with my mind. It is usually by that time that I really cannot feel my toes and rush inside where the warmth of the house overtakes me and I am suddenly hit with the return of my emotions and feeling in my toes:) So that is secretly the reason why I love winter but if you ever ask me I will probably just say its because of my birthday or Christmas.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gift System

Let’s face it we are all counting the days until Christmas. There is so much to love about the holiday: the specially gift-wrapped presents; the delicious, enticing feast; and for most people the family and friends that we enjoy good spirits with. Christmas is still a little way away so most people are still in the preparation mode, planning what to serve on Christmas dinner and getting everything needed to prepare it, decorating the house with a tree, nativity and whatever else is in the bins in their storage marked for Christmas, not to mention racking their brains for the perfect gift for everyone on their list. There is quite a lot of work that goes into the merry holiday. I think that it is not too quick to say that most people’s favorite part of the holiday is the gifts. I know that I love seeing people’s reactions to what I got them, if the reaction is good at least, and really love getting gifts :) Now, my mother is miserable about hiding the gifts she got me. Almost every year I have either guessed exactly what the gift was or have accidentally found it while messing around with little trinkets in her room. It has gotten to the point in recent years that she basically gives me my gift the day she buys it no matter how far away from Christmas, usually not wrapped either. But not this year! Today she told me that she was not going to let that happen this year. I do know one thing she must have bought whatever it is online because my brother and I were given explicit orders not to open any packages that come to the house. I asked my mother why we were no longer allowed to open the packages that come to the house, because we have always opened the packages no matter who they are addressed to. Shhh! I think that may be a crime although I don’t see what the big deal would be opening our mother’s packages. Anyways that is when she informed me of her plan to not let us see our gifts this year which is so against the system we have established for the past couple of years. It leaves me very curious for what it could possibly be…I guess I will just have to wait. The problem is that our system worked really well for me because I dislike waiting very much. I am rather impatient to find out if it will be something I like or not and whether or not I can really find a use for whatever it is. I guess I will just have to wait with anticipation…

Musical Release

This week has been another toughie. We just got off a vacation not too long ago and so we are still trying to get into the normal swing of classes while dealing with a blizzard and the fact that Christmas and the break that comes with it is just a few weeks away. It is getting overly exhausting trudging to school for the two days we actually made it there. I get to the point that I do not want to get out of bed during the winter. Personally if I could I would just collect all my homework for December and January and tell everyone I will see them later. Not only am I tired of waking up early to go to school when I would much rather be asleep next to a fire but the past couple of weeks have been hard on my psyche. A lot is going on in my head and in school that makes me just want to go away for a little bit and separate myself to clear my head. One of my favorite ways to take a quick release from the world is to turn off all the lights and listen to music. I do not really know what it is about the darkness mixed with my favorite songs that just lets me release from this place but it works and why question a good thing? One of my favorite songs to turn to these days is Fireflies by Owl City because of it soothing tunes and magical lyrics it really helps to just let go of my inhibitions and do whatever I feel like doing which has kind of been a theme for my life these days. I am so sick and tired of parts of the life I have lead and working to change them and be more care free but that is much easier said than done. I am searching for a new me and I guess music helps me to realize the kind of person I really am. I think that is why I like the song Fireflies so much because it has these really mystical, surreal lyrics about dreaming and reality kind of mixed together which is really quite inspiring. I see it as a really great song that I can listen to when I really feel like going off into thinking about my crazier dreams, about really whatever I could possibly want to do with my life. That and it is just really catchy. :) So if your like me and want to turn off all the lights and explore your wildest dreams, enjoy!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Miley Cyrus

So basically I love Miley Cyrus. She is like amazing! I know that people either lover her or hate but I am a definite fan. She has to deal with a lot because of her success. Everyone seems to constantly be inspecting her little move and saying that she shouldn’t be doing whatever she is doing because she is the idol of so many little girls and should really act more like an appropriate role model. Well that I kind of agree with but on the other hand she is a teenager and we do stupid things, that’s how we learn! If they think what she is doing is wrong than “Boo WHO! Stop digging into her personal life and let your little kid just focus on the Hannah Montana series and the parts of her franchise that deal with Hannah Montana and ignore the Miley Cyrus side. That is basically what I do with the Hannah Montana side of her. Personally I can’t really stand the show, a lot of the Disney shows are way too over-the-top or cheesy…correction all of the Disney shows are way too over-the-top or cheesy, but her songs as Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana are both really cool and so I really like to listen to them. There is also another portion of Miley Cyrus’s Franchise that I love… her clothing line!!! Omgsh I absolutely love her clothing line because it is a lot like my fashion style, a little on the different side. I feel like a super star when I put on my black/grey skinny jeans that have leopard print ever so slightly on them. It is nice because not only are they different, which makes me happy, but they give my style a little edge which is fun and flirty ;) haha

Well, I recently got my Seventeen Magazine and practically screamed when I saw that she had been named their style star of the year!!! She totally deserves it because her style has always been amazing and so I was super excited to hear that. I ran to the couch with the magazine and read the article immediately. I gave a little cheer when she talked about slowly going away from Hannah Montana and doing more professional work outside of the Disney Channel because she is talented enough to do that and I am glad for her to finally get past that. I cannot wait to see her upcoming movie The Last Song aka her first movie that has nothing to do with Hannah Montana!!! It was also really cool to read about what her take on fashion and how she has grown in her style and it has inspired me to do the same! I cant wait!!!

Playtime Poppy

I just finished up a playtime poppy production of “A Year with Frog and Toad.” Some of you may not know what playtime poppy is so I will do my best to explain it. Basically our school puts on a play/musical each year that is directed toward a younger audience aka little kids and this year was “A Year with Frog and Toad.” It was really fun because it was my first time trying out for playtime poppy and I was a mouse! We got to interact with the little kids throughout the show and they all seemed to really like it because I know several that came to more than one show! It was all super fun and I am kind of sad to see it be over because I met a lot of new people and made a lot of new friends. There was a lot of bonding because we had all spent so much time together, we even ate dinner as a group between the performances on Thursday and Friday, and then when it came down to the show we had to feed off each other to make the show great. It didn’t hurt that we all had our very unique costumes to laugh about. Like seriously I was supposed to be a mouse and I was wearing a jail suit with a blue vest over it along with white pants and a red tutu over the jail suit, not to mention the giant mouse ears and the afro… I am not saying the costumes were bad actually the opposite they were unique and had the air of avant-garde. It was funny though when I was asked by a little kid if I had done time because of course my jail numbers were showing :) Basically the last night which was yesterday was like the highlight of the whole experience; not only did we rock our two performances but then I went to dinner some of my besties before hanging out at the cast party with the new friends we had made. It was really crazy how much we had bonded. While changing out of our costumes for the very last time the girl’s dressing room broke into “In the Jungle” from “The Lion King!” It was like hysterical that we had all been around each other for soo long that we could all burst into song without one word of planning. It just goes to show you how close you get to people after being in close contact for so long. To all my fellow Playtime Poppy friends, “It was fun!” and to the girls click here:)

oh and check out these costumes:)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Break Loose

So, I have decided to revamp my blog. I mean I really liked my old concept because poetry and politics really do interest me but I was really starting to bother me. I felt so constrained. It was this path that I had put myself on and the farther along I went the more I saw all these pretty flowers off the path that made me want to go and pick them. And after resisting for so long I finally couldn’t take it anymore so I left the guided path and went and picked another flower. This is kind of where I got the concept for my revisions. I changed the name to Break Loose because I broke from the path I had provided myself as a safety net and decided to follow the flowers so that they may guide me where they so choose. Not only am I providing this theme to my blog but also to other aspects of my life. I have always felt like there was this path that I was following everyday and I have finally decided to Break Loose from some of my restraints. I am not talking about going crazy here and breaking every rule I have ever set for myself but just a few of them that seem so silly. For instance, I am tired of worrying about every little detail in my life, some things I just need to not freak about and so I am just not going too. Haha ok. I know it is like totally easier said than done and will likely take time but that is ok with me because as far as I know I have the time, I am a teenager after all :) So, I guess I really haven’t said much about what this blog is going to be like now and there is a very good reason for that. I have no idea! I mean for right now I think I am just going to blog about the first thing comes to mind truthfully. Which means it will probably be very relaxed and sometimes full of fluff and other times I may just rant about something my little brother did to annoy me ;) haha Well whoever follows this blog, if anyone :P haha but really I hope you enjoy it and if you don’t well then sucks for you! Oh, by the way that is kind of, exactly why I chose the Dr. Suess quote for my description!! That and I just absolutely love the playfulness of Dr. Seuss.