Thursday, December 10, 2009

Musical Release

This week has been another toughie. We just got off a vacation not too long ago and so we are still trying to get into the normal swing of classes while dealing with a blizzard and the fact that Christmas and the break that comes with it is just a few weeks away. It is getting overly exhausting trudging to school for the two days we actually made it there. I get to the point that I do not want to get out of bed during the winter. Personally if I could I would just collect all my homework for December and January and tell everyone I will see them later. Not only am I tired of waking up early to go to school when I would much rather be asleep next to a fire but the past couple of weeks have been hard on my psyche. A lot is going on in my head and in school that makes me just want to go away for a little bit and separate myself to clear my head. One of my favorite ways to take a quick release from the world is to turn off all the lights and listen to music. I do not really know what it is about the darkness mixed with my favorite songs that just lets me release from this place but it works and why question a good thing? One of my favorite songs to turn to these days is Fireflies by Owl City because of it soothing tunes and magical lyrics it really helps to just let go of my inhibitions and do whatever I feel like doing which has kind of been a theme for my life these days. I am so sick and tired of parts of the life I have lead and working to change them and be more care free but that is much easier said than done. I am searching for a new me and I guess music helps me to realize the kind of person I really am. I think that is why I like the song Fireflies so much because it has these really mystical, surreal lyrics about dreaming and reality kind of mixed together which is really quite inspiring. I see it as a really great song that I can listen to when I really feel like going off into thinking about my crazier dreams, about really whatever I could possibly want to do with my life. That and it is just really catchy. :) So if your like me and want to turn off all the lights and explore your wildest dreams, enjoy!

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