Sunday, December 6, 2009

Miley Cyrus

So basically I love Miley Cyrus. She is like amazing! I know that people either lover her or hate but I am a definite fan. She has to deal with a lot because of her success. Everyone seems to constantly be inspecting her little move and saying that she shouldn’t be doing whatever she is doing because she is the idol of so many little girls and should really act more like an appropriate role model. Well that I kind of agree with but on the other hand she is a teenager and we do stupid things, that’s how we learn! If they think what she is doing is wrong than “Boo WHO! Stop digging into her personal life and let your little kid just focus on the Hannah Montana series and the parts of her franchise that deal with Hannah Montana and ignore the Miley Cyrus side. That is basically what I do with the Hannah Montana side of her. Personally I can’t really stand the show, a lot of the Disney shows are way too over-the-top or cheesy…correction all of the Disney shows are way too over-the-top or cheesy, but her songs as Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana are both really cool and so I really like to listen to them. There is also another portion of Miley Cyrus’s Franchise that I love… her clothing line!!! Omgsh I absolutely love her clothing line because it is a lot like my fashion style, a little on the different side. I feel like a super star when I put on my black/grey skinny jeans that have leopard print ever so slightly on them. It is nice because not only are they different, which makes me happy, but they give my style a little edge which is fun and flirty ;) haha

Well, I recently got my Seventeen Magazine and practically screamed when I saw that she had been named their style star of the year!!! She totally deserves it because her style has always been amazing and so I was super excited to hear that. I ran to the couch with the magazine and read the article immediately. I gave a little cheer when she talked about slowly going away from Hannah Montana and doing more professional work outside of the Disney Channel because she is talented enough to do that and I am glad for her to finally get past that. I cannot wait to see her upcoming movie The Last Song aka her first movie that has nothing to do with Hannah Montana!!! It was also really cool to read about what her take on fashion and how she has grown in her style and it has inspired me to do the same! I cant wait!!!

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