Sunday, January 10, 2010

Miley Cyrus, The Empire

So before I have blogged about how amazing Miley Cyrus is and it seems that she deserves once again to be spoken about. The last post about Miley was her amazing sense of style but this one is more about her other careers, music and acting. Well I am not about to talk about how amazing the Hannah Montana movie and television series because trust me that would make even me cry of boredom and ridiculousness. No, I am not a fan of her Hannah Montana music either but her career outside of Disney that interests me the most. She really is super talented but unfortunately she has been trapped in Disney patrol, like seriously Disney has trapped so many talented stars like Brenda Song but luckily Miley knows to shot for the stars and pull away from the Disney world and into the real world of music and acting. She has recently gone on tour just under her name, no more Hannah Montana and blonde wigs, and she recently acted in a movie did not have Hannah Montana in the title or the plot. She is finally starting to break free and many may think her methods are not the best but at least she is doing it. Too many stars will likely never get past the Disney Channel but she will. There is a lot of talk about her new movie The Last Song as it is sure to be a brilliant success. Trailers have come out for the movie and my friends and I have already decided it is a must see! I really cannot wait to see her perform in a real movie that doesn’t involve a character from the Disney channel but a movie with other professional actors and her chance to open her career into a new movement. Not only does she have an amazing career in acting but also in singing. Her music has become overly popular and there is not a girl in the country who doesn’t know the lyrics. “Party in the U.S.A” has become an amazing hit that has rocked the radios for weeks and whenever it plays people are still forced to sing along, the rest of her album is just as amazing but little people have heard it because only Wal-Mart has the rights to sell it. Overall, Miley Cyrus has been the biggest of the Disney stars but she is making her way to be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Her success will see no boundaries! Let’s just hope the paparazzi don’t screw with her reputation any more.

one of my favorite songs of Miley's from her new album...

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