Monday, January 25, 2010

3 idiots

"AAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL IZZZZZZZZZ WELLLLLLLL!" These words may not actually be able to bring a baby to life but they are the catch phrase to the movie I am now obsessed with, 3 Idiots. Not many people have seen this movie and few people I know will and that is because most of the movie is not in English. One of my best friends asked me to go see an Indian movie and I thought, “Why not? I was bored and anything could be better than sitting around doing nothing.” It turned out that the movie was absolutely amazing, no doubt the best movie I have seen in some time! I sat in my theater seat in awe of how I could feel such emotion from watching a movie that I had to read subtitles to understand. For three hours, I switched between laughing until I cried and crying because it was sad. The plot was about three guys who were making their way through engineering school by not following the way of the others and worrying about schoolwork at all times. The movie switched back and forth to these men looking back on their college years and searching for their friend who weirdly disappeared right after graduation. Their old rival calls them back to the college and claims that he has found their old friend and plans to go and rub it in the man’s face that he is not successful as his rival who he picked on because of his methods of learning. The three men, two looking for their good friend and the other looking for revenge, embark on their adventure. The movie takes a turn when they find that their friend had lied about his identity and instead of going to college to get the degree which he ended up giving to another man; he did it for the learning. They eventually find their friend and realize that he is far more successful than any of them but that he is also happy and teaching in the way that he believed is correct, in other words more relaxed. Throughout the whole movie there are several themes; for example, love, suicide and the pressure of Indian students to become successful engineers. Another part of the movie that I absolutely loved was that throughout the movie the people would burst out into singing and the whole mood of the moment would change and the whole scene would become a music video with hundreds of dancers singing and creating a lively mood. Even though the movie was rather long and even had a section for an intermission there was not a moment that I felt bored or my attention was not wholly attached to what was happening on the screen. I found this movie in my heart and I am still saying “All Izz Well!”

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