Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Amazingness that is Facebook

Many high school students spend most of their life on it. It is a way to communicate with people through wall posts and instant chatting. It is a place to post recent pictures that you can share with all you friends. That’s right it is Facebook. There are those who are obsessed with it and there are those who can manage their time on it with their other responsibilities, I will move between groups. Facebook is a social networking site that allows people of all ages to communicate with old and new classmates, family members and any other friends. Though school computers do not allow you to access the site from school because it is said to be a distraction, many will log onto the popular site that was originally made for high school students and talk with their friends via private messaging, public wall posts, or private chatting. I am definitely a fan of the site as it has allowed me to reconnect with kids I went to elementary school with before moving to Iowa, get assignment or just talk with friends, and, as I most recently discovered, communicating with family far away. I have always used the site to communicate with friends old and new but recently my younger cousin set up her own facebook which has allowed us to keep in better contact. Several years ago my uncle who is in the air force was reassigned to be stationed in Kaiserslautern which is in Germany. It made sense for him to be stationed there since he speaks German very fluently but this meant that my four younger cousins would be moving across the Atlantic Ocean and it is very difficult and expensive to communicate with them on a regular basis. Sadly this meant going three years without almost any communication at all until I saw them on my visit to the country with my school last summer. It was very strange to see faces that I hadn’t seen in so long and seen how much they had changed and also what had not changed. I was able to see them again this past November when they took their first trip back to the United States since they left but it was during school and right before finals so unfortunately I had to spend most of my time studying and completing assignments. It is great to know that I now have a site that I can go on and talk to family across the ocean at anytime we both are on for chatting or any time I feel like posting on their wall. This really has increased my appeal in facebook and facebook’s amazingeness!

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