Sunday, January 24, 2010


Start the countdowns. The Winter Olympics will commence in 19 days! As I was flipping through the channels today, avoiding my homework sitting next to me, I saw that very little of anything was on. I decided to settle with watching some figure skating program but soon could not take my eyes away. It was rather interesting to hear that Sasha Cohen that after not competing for FOUR years to return and try and go to the Olympics in Toronto. She managed to come out second after the short program but sadly had a fall that took her out of the competition during the long program. She still received a standing applause after her performance because of her well done job after such a long break. The tickets to Toronto went to two skaters that are still quite new to the skating world and that will definitely be going into challenge at Toronto. Both are still very young, sixteen and seventeen years old, but they both are very talented. I could not take my eyes off the youngest girl, Mirai Nagasu, who skated oh so eloquently.

She held the lead after the short program but somehow dropped to second after the long program. That I didn’t understand at all. Her movements were the most flowing and skilled of all the skaters and even the commentary throughout hers was more splendid than any others. The girl who is seventeen, Rachael Flatt, was said to have been unhappy with the fact that she was ranked third but then she should have been satisfied with her movement to first overall. After a few more errors with jumps than Nagasu it was rather unusual a fact that she moved past her….I understand the movement past Cohen who had had a done right fall but the young girl’s routine was not without its faults. I cannot wait for the competition that is to come with the Olympics in 19 days. I have always been interested in knowing the results of figure skating but this year I will definitely tune in to watch these girls fights for the podium! Good Luck, USA!!!!

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