Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nine is definitely a Ten out of Ten

So last week I went to go see “Nine” and I am still thinking about it! It was probably the best musical based movie I have ever seen and that is kind of saying a lot since musicals are one of my favorite genres of movies. It was directed by the same person who directed “Chicago” which was hinted throughout the movie. It was amazing to see so much talent. There were soo many songs that were just amazing and very few of the singers sang more than one song! It is ridiculous how much talent was put into this movie. I have always been a fan of Kate Hudson’s work as an actress and so I was even more thrilled when I knew she was part of the task but I was totally shocked when I heard her sing. She, Nicole Kidman, and Penelope Cruz all sounded amazing! Personally, I thought that any actor who could sing well and even those who couldn’t were working on their albums but these ladies have never been in any of those and they were amazing! Not only was the singing amazing but it didn’t disrupt the plotline at all! Like one of the hardest things about musicals, is to pull of going from acting to singing and dancing, a problem that the High School Musicals didn’t handle as well… But in “Nine” the songs were positioned so eloquently in the movie that the plot never stopped or was disrupted and it all was just so perfectly placed that the musical could compete with any type of movie. Also, you cannot talk about this movie without talking about the sex that comes with it. The whole musical is revolved around a man and his disastrous sex life and it affects on his recent screen play writer’s block. It is also impossible to talk about this movie without mentioning the best song/production of the whole movie, “Be Italian” sung by no other than Fergie! There are soo many words to describe this part of the movie: for example, hot, amazing, SEX and OMG!! To start with the singing was absolutely fabulous. Fergie belts the song with such force and power that it is just amazing and just gives you chills. The dancing is a whole other subject, I mean it was probably the sexiest chair dance I have ever seen…not to be taken as I have seen many chair dances. Trust me I haven’t. But seriously I would not be surprised if some guys go several times just to see that scene! But it isn’t the only hot scene! Like let me tell you this is movie is not for those who think “Chicago” was too inappropriate.

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