Sunday, January 31, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Happy Birthday to me! Another year older supposedly means another year wiser but I’m starting to think another year closer to my life. There is only one more year left before I am out of high school and out on my own in the world and that at times can be frightful and at other times it is a giant relief. This weekend seems to have boasted both of these in extreme levels. On Friday I was able to have an amazing party with my friends where we acted like little kids by dressing up, playing with glitter and staying up to unreasonable hours just because we didn’t feel like going to bed. But before all the childish fun commenced I had an argument as to whether my family believed I was responsible enough to have a party and whether my actions from previous parties had been acceptable. In the spirit of acting like a little girl again I threw a tantrum about how ridiculous it was to believe that every ridiculous thing I have ever done at one of my parties was to get the attention of boys. I just couldn’t believe why anyone would think that acting like an idiot and doing crazy stuff like going outside to jump on my trampoline at four in the morning was to attract boys. I decided to ignore what had occurred earlier and just party once my friends arrived and continued on into the early hours of Saturday. After getting about two real hours of sleep I found myself saying goodbye to some of the guests while the rest of us just hung out and played sorority life on facebook and talked about the previous night. Most of the day was pretty boring but I never really managed to get more sleep than the two hours so I was pretty lethargic most of the day. I attended a function with one of my friends that evening and we again acted immature and goofed off just to less extremes because we both were still very tired. Once I get home I had every intention of going straight to bed when my brother starts to annoy me to go out and get him Burger King. I kept pushing it off until at 12:30 I get into the car with him and his friend, after having no more sleep unfortunately and head out to do their errand and return to find myself unable to sleep and back on facebook. Today I was sent back into reality of how I had to think of my responsibilities. I had to get my homework done even though all I wanted to do was sleep and I also had to go out to eat with my family for my birthday and be questioned as to what I planned to do with the rest of my life and then criticized about my said plans. Overall the weekend ended with an exhausted me going through a roller coaster ride of worry about what to do with my life and how to be responsible with just plan goofing off and about 9 hours sleep between the three days.
At least I have some yummy birthday cake to eat:)

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