Saturday, October 31, 2009

Your Desire is Your Mask

It is all Hallows Eve, time for the spirits to come out and play! Ah, yes most people are sitting down, getting ready to watch a scary movie or getting dressed up to go to a Halloween Party. It is simple you see, Halloween is a holiday people like to celebrate because people like to be scared. They dress up their houses and homes alike to scare those who dare to visit. What other day is it acceptable for children to go around to stranger’s houses asking for treats, which will probably rot their teeth? There seems to be a festive atmosphere for most as they get out the decorations and celebrate again the scariest day of the year. As we go back in time, when witches and wizards were real and practiced their wicken deeds.
It is absurd to think about, young and old alike dressing up as what they truly are not. It is the one day where you can be someone or something other than who you truly are. Then again, who truly are you? Is Halloween just a holiday where we dress up like in costumes that we buy at the local grocery store or is it a holiday where we show more of our inner thoughts? People are really revealing a bit of their true personality as they head for the extravagant makeup. Halloween is a day where you can magnify your inner desires in costume form and show the world without them truly realizing what has been revealed.
Little kids are the best example to the belief that Halloween is for people to illustrate their inner desires. What little girl doesn’t want to literally be a pretty princess or a little boy be a strong superhero? It is obvious to anyone that little children choose costumes for Halloween that are their actual desires. They really want to be that fairy or angel or batman or Thomas the train. So, why would it be such a leap to say that we don’t continue that tradition as we get older? Sure, costumes get more violent as the age grows but maybe that has more to do with the anger and aggression that grows within people as they get older. Who has ever seen a little kid keep a grudge for more than ten minutes? I know I even have kept grudges for years. It is a fact of life, as we grow we loose our innocence and we become angrier and so our costumes usually just correlate back to that.
Not everyone wears scary costumes as they get older though. Some still want to be that pretty princess or superhero. Those people are either genuinely sweet or they just cannot let go of their childhood yet. I know that I never want to fully grow up. I like the age I am at and kind of just want to stay here. I find this to be very apparent in my costume choice as well. I went as a teenager in the 80s. If you look past the obnoxiously bright colors of my costume and the overall 80s fashion you would see a teenager. I went as myself just in a different decade because I do not want to grow up.
Through my costume I realized this just as anyone can look deeper into their costume and find their desires blasted across the makeup. For instance, my brother went as a hunter. He says that he was an army man or whatever. He was a hunter. Now that does not mean he wants to be a hunter when he grows up but if you look closer it does reveal something about him. Hunters go out and kill because that is what they want to do. They are still human but they kill. My brother is a very aggressive person. You get in his way, make him mad. You better run! It ain’t pretty. He is like this most of the time too. He really likes to shoot at his friends, with air soft guns yes but still. He likes to also hide himself from people in my belief because underneath it all, he still knows he needs his mommy. His camouflaged costume hides what normally the aggression hides, himself.
Well, I hope you all have fun dressing up in your masks and makeup. Have fun letting your desires go free. Happy Halloween!

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