Sunday, October 11, 2009

And the Noble Peace prize goes to.....

It is hard for an empty bag to stand upright. -Benjamin Franklin

It has been brought to everyone’s attention that President Barrack Obama has been named winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and it has also become a major debate on whether he was truly deserving of such an award. Well today I woke up and turned on the television only to watch a show called Fox news Sunday that was discussing this very topic. A panel of political analysts seemed to all be in agreement that President Barrack Obama did not truthfully win the award on his own actions but none of them agreed upon how the situation should be handled. It is not wrong to say that the Bush’s Administration was not well liked by the Nobel committee and most of Europe. One of the panelists said the committee had made it clear in previous years that they would not award the Nobel peace prize to anyone who had made accomplishments that dealt with 9/11 and Iraq because they did not believe those accomplishments commendable for the award because of the controversy that came with the topics. I searched for this information online but could not find a direct statement from the committee saying such but that is partly because the online community is at a major buzz over President Obama receiving the award. I went to the Fox News Sunday website and noticed a poll off to the side that asked people how they felt about President Obama winning the award and the majority of the votes went to the choice of someone else deserved it more. I think the public as a whole does not believe that this decision by the committee made much sense. This award is given to people who are to be commended for their accomplishments and Obama has yet to really accomplish anything. I will admit that the man is a very eloquent speaker and knows how to inspire people through his words but that is no reason to give him a Nobel Peace prize. I do not wish to relate President Obama to a con artist but every time I hear someone talk about how amazing President Obama is at speaking part of me thinks back to how con artists can only be successful if they have the same eloquence in voice as our President yet they are never going to be given any awards for their speaking abilities because it is frowned upon. Another issue the panel explained was that the list of names in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize had to be registered by February 1, 2009. President Obama was sworn into office on January 20, 2009 had he really done anything substantial to get his name on that list a mere 12 days after becoming president? I think not and I do believe that the only reason that President Obama received the award is because he was not Bush. The first few days in office President Obama spent the majority of his time undoing a lot of what Bush had done in his eight years and Europe had become so Anti-Bush that they saw Obama’s work as Nobel Peace prize worthy. A few of the panelists chose to see this as the reason for President Obama receiving the award and some of the more extremists on the panel saw it as an award of Anti-Americanism and thought Obama should politely decline the award. I am not saying that he should truly go that far and I am sure he will not but it brings up a good point, what should be done with the money that comes with the award and how does Obama view this award. Well I believe the money should go directly to the countries debt amounts that Obama insists on multiplying and President Obama says that he sees this award as a promise to complete what he has set out to complete. The problem with that belief is that many people believe that he should have already accomplished what he set out to accomplish to receive the award because the recipients of the Nobel Peace prize had already made their accomplishments to society before winning, not just made promises to accomplish it. I do find it somewhat reassuring that Obama does not feel that he truly deserves this award either because I would be slightly disturbed about America’s future if he thought so. Let us hope this award does not go to his head. Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Jimmy Carter and now Barrack Obama, oh dear oh my.

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