Saturday, October 31, 2009

Be wise in disagreeing with the government

Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction. -Pablo Picasso

In recent weeks there has been obvious hostility between the Chamber of Commerce and the White House. It seems that now that the Chamber has started to disagree with the White House on certain issues, they have become enemies in the eyes of the White House. The conflict that they are disagreeing on the most is, of course, the Health Care reform. The Chamber of Commerce is concerned that if not handled properly a move in our health care policies will create overall downfall in the economy; as of current date one sixth of the economy deals with health care. The Chamber is not the only ones feeling the heat. Anyone who presents information against the health care reform is discredited by the White House by any means necessary. The Chamber is receiving comments from both the Energy Secretary Chu and the President Barrack Obama. Secretary Chu has made comments about how good it is that major companies are withdrawing from the Chamber, which has 300,000 companies, and Obama has tried to discredit the Chamber through comments on their spending throughout the years. It seems that the White House not only wants to discredit the Chamber of Commerce but is leaning towards its demise. The strangest part about the situation is that they had no problem with the Chamber of Commerce when they agreed earlier on things such as the stimulus package that the Chamber helped push through.
It seems that people should really be worried if the disagree with the government. The right to free speech seems to have been lost on the new government that wishes for anyone that disagrees with it to be destroyed, no matter the past. This is very worrisome. It makes you wonder what kind of society we are turning into. The health care reform to people is the first step to a socialist, or worse, communist government. Yes, there are problems with our system of health care right now but I do not see reason to change the parts of it that are working. It is really not that bad and putting too much money into it is really not going to help our nation’s debt problems. Now, where is our freedom of speech going? If the government doesn’t like what an organization is saying they start to discredit it and call for disbandment?? It sounds to me like the new people in charge has let power get to their head a bit. I mean seriously I understand that you don’t want people to be telling information that goes against what you want, but find a better way. If your plan cannot withstand the critics that are trying to discredit it through information then it probably just is not good enough. LET IT GO AND MOVE ON!!! There is a reason why we don’t have this type of health care system; it is because the people have not wanted it. It is a bad idea. That is why not a single president before Obama who has suggested this has been able to do it. It is too costly a risk and it will likely be the downfall of the Obama administration. This reform has lead to the government feeling the need to do some pretty hard core censuring and rebutting, in the wrong way, and may even end freedom of speech. What I do know is that the White House needs to sit down and take a good look at what they are doing and determine if they really think it is right. If they continue on this path, I fear for America. I would also advise looking into moving somewhere else.

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