Friday, October 2, 2009

Congrats Rio de Janeiro!

“Olympics—A lifetime of training for just ten seconds.” –Jesse Owens
Congratulations are in order for Rio de Janeiro for winning the Olympic bid for the 2016 Olympics. It will be the first time that the Olympics will be hosted by a South American country so there was some great pride associated with this win. While most people were rejoicing this great feat, the people of Chicago were speechless by the outcome. Chicago had often been considered the likely host for the 2016 Olympics but was actually the first voted out of the bid. This came as a great disappointing shock to the city last Friday and many still do not understand fully what happened. Rumors have actually leaked that the Olympic committee actually voted Chicago out first because of bruised pride. Now here is where the politics comes into play. President Obama and his wife, Michelle, flew to Copenhagen, where the vote was held, and gave speeches to the committee asking them to select Chicago for 2016 Olympics hoping that the gesture would put Chicago far enough ahead of the other cities that it would be the obvious candidate. This tactic might have worked, if the Obamas would have stayed in Copenhagen for the vote and watched Chicago advance throughout the rounds of voting. Instead the Obamas, after giving their speeches about why Chicago deserved to host the 2016 Olympics, jumped onto a plane and left before even the first round of voting commenced. This move is said to have insulted the committee because it made their speeches feel too political rather than a kind gesture. This was what some cried out yet I still believe that is not exactly the truth. Chicago was followed by Tokyo in being dropped from the race which makes since because both cities are from countries that have hosted the Olympics in more recent years. Obama was not the only political leader who has spent time persuading IOC members to vote for his country. Luiz Silva, President of Brazil, has spent the past few months traveling the world to talk with IOC members and influencers about how Rio de Janeiro needed the 2016 Olympics while the other cities merely wanted it. When he heard that Obama was to make a speech before the IOC members he was actually convinced of a defeat, but his pleas obviously helped Brazil receive the host position and on confirming his victory for Brazil he was brought to tears. Now that is the showing of someone who truly deserves to host the 2016 Olympics and I raise my glass to him. BRAVO!! President Obama has made a statement about Chicago’s defeat and it contained the clique phrase ‘you win some and you lose some’ but that is not of importance anymore because there is nothing that can be done to change the IOC’s decision. Congrats BRAZIL!!!!

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