Friday, October 9, 2009

The Winter Skyscape

God's promises are like the stars; the darker the night the brighter they shine. -David Nicholas

This weekend we had our first snowfall, though none of the snow actually stuck to the ground it was kind of a wakeup call that winter is coming early this year. Now most people relate the snow and winter to cold and depression, but I love the winter. First of all, the nights are longer in the winter which gives you a longer time to just lay beneath the stars and the moon and reflect upon anything and, secondly, snow is this amazing thing that coats the world and turns everything white which just reminds me of purity and letting go of the world because everything is lost in the snow. I find winter to be this very refreshing and enlightening period of the year. Well it is not a surprise that I went searching for a poem about the night sky and snowfall. So I wasn’t surprised to find one by Robert Frost. “Stars” by Robert Frost is a poem that describes the night sky after a snowfall and just how beautiful it is in that moment. Frost paints this landscape in your minds of everything covered in a new and glorious snow that seems to coexist with these bright, meaningful stars that seem so much more exuberant above the snowfall. He tells about how the night is at this ominous peace and a type of rest that leaves at dawn’s break. In the last stanza, Frost describes the stars as so snowy white and relates them back to Minerva, the Roman Goddess of wisdom. In essence his starts to relate the stars to a blind wisdom which is very interesting because it shows that he too believes that the stars are this symbol of enlightenment and power source for pondering through our problems and souls. I think that the stars have always had this symbol since the age of enlightenment when the philosophers and astronomers were so busy looking for answers in the sky and it is really mind blowing how much information the stars give us as a people whether it is just the empowering symbol they provide some or it is actually information about what else lies in this universe, the stars are always there to be versed about.

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