Sunday, April 11, 2010


Boys are stupid, but so are some girls. Boys are lame, but so are some girls. Boys are jerks and so are some girls. Boys can make you cry, but so can some girls. Boys can hurt you, but so can some girls. Ok, so this may sound really stupid or weird but if you think about it, it is kind of an interesting concept. So many times I will yell and complain about boys and the problems they cause like probably every other high school girl I know, but then again it’s not like we girls are perfect either. There are plenty of girls who cause just as many problems for me as there are boys but for some reason no one seems to think about that when it comes to the boy bashing time. In fact, I am sitting next to my best friend right now and she is asking me why the heck I am even writing about such a topic! Haha well honestly I am not really sure why I thought to blog about this, in fact this post was originally going to be a boy bashing post. As I started writing about how they were mean and made you want to cry I thought about how there are plenty of girls that are the same way, if not worse! Like seriously we girls can be pretty mean to one another and to boys! We cannot sit around and group the sexes and say one is worse than the other because it will always be bias to who is saying it. I really doubt a girl will ever argue that males are the better sex or vice versa because neither sex wants to declare themselves the lower sex. It is impossible in my opinion to be that impartial, and if you really think you are that impartial good for you but I will bet a million dollars that you are lying to yourself. It is time that we all realize that we have to stop looking at each other as of a certain sex because that is just causing more problems and arguments that are meaningless and in the end will never have the rightful winner that every person is arguing for in the battle of the sexes. The point is that there are a lot of people, both good and bad. There are people who are stupid, lame, jerks, and who will make you cry or hurt you.

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