Saturday, April 17, 2010

It sucks to be a Junior...

I have decided it sucks to be a junior. First off, you are more than likely pushing yourself into just as many rigorous classes as the seniors if not more, but then you actually have another year of it to deal with while they get to get off with senoritis and leave a month early at that. I think I could probably live with that whole conundrum just fine but the by far worst part about being a junior is the fact that one evening you realize that in a month all the seniors you have gotten to know these past three years will be leaving. This terrifying thought really hit me earlier tonight. I had just finished watching Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince (really good movie by the way) and I was thinking about my friends and then “Pow!” in a month no more seniors:( I don’t really know what possessed me to really realize it at that moment but it made me really depressed. This group of seniors weren’t like the ones before them, this year it was going to be different. I got to know a lot of this year’s seniors really well and in a month a lot of them I probably will not see ever again! Now, I like to think a few of the people I have gotten to know really well I will see from time to time but it will never be the same. There will be no greetings in the morning hallways or free time in class to gossip and talk about how our day or even year is going. We only have one more month of that. When this thought first hit me, my first response was to ignore all seniors (stupid I know but still). I thought you cannot miss something if you ignore it. Yeah well that mindset lasted a whole hour or two before one of my junior friends was like, “You have lost it!” Yeah, she was right I had kind of lost it, but at the same time I do not want the internal clock to tick louder every time I am having fun with or talking to a senior. The truth is the clock is ticking and I guess it has always been ticking but now it is so close that everyone can hear it. Most seniors hear it and you can tell by their actions. They only have one more month of high school and so they don’t have to worry about what repercussions their actions could have because they will not have to deal with a lot of them because they leave in a month. I don’t know how they seem to be taking it all so well, because I am a junior and I can hardly stand it! But then again, I still have another year. I don’t really know what kind of year it will be though because so many people that you can expect to make things good will be gone and I think that is what scares me most and what sucks the most about being a junior this year. We have to somehow fill the shoes of these amazing seniors while getting over the fact that we miss them so.

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