Friday, September 25, 2009

The One Thing He Got Right

There are wrongs which even the grave does not bury. Harriet Ann Jacobs

When it comes to Bill Clinton, there is not much that I actually believed he got right. In fact one of the few things that I did believe he got right, opposition to gay marriage, he has changed his mind on. In a recent interview he has claimed that he personally no longer feels a reason to oppose it because of changing times. He claims that his issues with it were that he was born in a different era and that times have evolved and so his beliefs need to as well. To this I say, “Are You Serious?? Really?” I could not believe that he blamed age as a reason to change his belief system about being against same sex marriage. Why not just call all old people stubborn and set in their old ways? I can understand using the age excuse for subjects like knowledge in electronics and you ability to use a computer properly but not you beliefs on gay marriage. Not only is that comment ageist, but it is one hundred percent false. I know plenty of people in the younger generations who are against homosexuality and I think if anything it is a base for your morals not your age. It is very frustrating to hear the man who was once a president of our country say that gay marriage is basically accepted now and he was wrong before because he had to get past the times and accept gay marriage. Obviously not everyone accepts gay marriage in this time because there are so many arguments and debates over whether it should be legal or not in each state. California is an excellent example of how much of an issue gay marriage still is because of their dealings with it. The California legislature overturned the law that marriage had to be between a man and a woman but was met with so many complaints over the topic that the state held a vote that resulted in gay marriage again becoming illegal there. Obviously this shows that there are many people who still feel that gay marriage is inappropriate and obviously not even accepted in many areas. Also, this shows that you really cannot rely on the state legislature to know what is best for the people in that state because so many people in California disagreed with its legislature’s decision that the legislature had to repeal its decision. I doubt that California is the only state that has legalized gay marriage that will in fact repeal its decision because so many people still believe against their morals and do not wish to live in such a place that would accept it. This is always been the feeling of people so I am curious as to what the heck Bill Clinton was thinking when he said that times have changed and he has decided that he was wrong, oh I know he just was not thinking.

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