Saturday, September 12, 2009

Is this Congress or High School????

Take our politicians: they're a bunch of yo-yos. The presidency is now a cross between a popularity contest and a high school debate, with an encyclopedia of cliches the first prize. ~Saul Bellow

President Obama has been pushing for a new health care plan that has been the point of many debates among people and speeches of his own. It is a very frustrating topic that I might speak more on later but is not the main point of this blog entry. This entry's main focus is how Congress has been responding to President Obama's health care plan, which is not a pleasant one. At the bottom of this post is a hyperlink to his recent speech to congress about health care and if you watch it you will discover how congress is starting to resemble high school. The biggest conflict people have about this video is actually when Republican Senator Joe Wilson yelled, "You lie." in the middle of President Obama's speech which I agree was the wrong way to go about getting his point across but was not totally uncalled for. When I was watching a report about his speech it made me laugh because they actually had footage of one of the said congress members holding up signs that belittled Obama's speech and reporters said he was not alone. Congress is losing control and respect for the new president. How is he supposed to work with them for his next four years if he cant even get their respect? I think that the senators are not actually the ones to blame but rather Obama's insistence on a health care plan that our country is not ready to handle financially and so probably seems almost childish in the minds of the members of congress. This problem is causing them to almost revert back to the ways of high school and have obviously written off this plan so why will Obama just let it rest for now? But that is a question for another post and I feel the need to get back to my point before I start rambling off the problems with his health care plan. Back to Joe Wilson, my teacher told our class that Wilson is in the middle of an election year and that his running opponent had actually recieved a bunch of election money since it was announced that Joe Wilson was the man who yelled, "You lie." by annoyomous donors. This information caused me to respond louder than originally planned the question "WHY?" My teacher was kind of confused as to why I would ask that question and responding by telling me that what Joe Wilson did was inappropriate, but that still does not answer my question. If Joe Wilson did something inappropriate than why not just withdraw you donations to him rather then go off and support his opponent? It just seems childish to me that people would decide that this other man now was worthy of large donations because of his opponent's mistake. No, not only is it childish it is what you would expect from high school girls not adults. I mean seriously people come on??? I guess it is true that we never do get away from high school. His opponent probably would have never gotten most of those donations if it were not for that slip of Joe Wilson's tongue. People are deciding to help this other guy win not based on his views but because they want to hurt Wilson! Another Issue I have with the situation is that he was not the only person who was responding in a negative way. The members of congress I mentioned ealrier, with the signs, were doing basically the same thing they just did not vocalize their opinions.

Yes, these actions were disrespectful but I ask you how many of you who were so against Bush ever said anything bad or disrespectful about him? I can think of one situation that I am still bothered by the total disrespect of Bush and I think I am going to tell you why because it goes back to relating congress' response to Obama to a high schoolers about Bush. One of these girls is one who I attend school with who is always ready to debate politics, but unfortunately has no idea what she is talking about. I often had to fight myself on whether to laugh at her or yell at her because of her total stupidity on some of the things she debated about and her reasons for despising President Bush. This girl comletely crossed the line last year when during a class project, we were supposed to make a collage that described us, she presented a collage that contained a picture of President Bush (he was still in office) with red lines slashed through the picture. That is no way to treat the picture of our president, especially in a public school and I still do not know what frustrated me more; the fact that this girl was an idiot, that she was being completely disrespectful, or that the teacher actually allowed for it to be posted up in the classroom. Now I find this totally disrespectful but the collage still stayed stapled to board with the rest of the collages for the rest of the term and kind of reminds me of the signs that congress members were holding up during his speech to a certain degree. This in no way means that I disagree with these congressman! In truth, I agree with them completely and I know I am not alone. I do wish however that they had acted their age and gotten their points across in a different way that would have been considered less juvenile because why make a good point in a way that makes you look childish?

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