Friday, February 5, 2010


Recently my nerves have been getting the best of me. This time of the school year always seems to suck the most. It is like the teachers have decided that a test every week is necessary to make the world go round. It is also a really difficult time because we are in between breaks. I am pretty sure that this time of year is the longest period of the year, meaning no real breaks for two months. It is also the middle of the school year and winter, so outside is cold and dreary so that everyone’s spirits are terribly low. It got to the point this week that I was so sick from stress that it was almost impossible for me to get through the school day and so I had to stay home sick for a day and a half. While I was at home sick I turned on the T.V to find an America’s Next Top Model marathon. I managed to wake up in time just to watch an episode where one of the models was dealing with being too stressed out. She managed to relax and win the challenge set up that week and to help her remind herself to relax she wrote it on her wrist. At first, I thought that was a pretty silly thing to do, I mean could just writing something on your wrist really help you to accomplish that? Well, that night I had to go to dance where one of the girls was showing off her new tattoo. Now, I have always wanted a tattoo and the very mention of someone showing their tattoo off made me want to get out my pen and start drawing my own on, temporary one of course. (I am not 18 yet) Well, the next day in class I was stressing over the test I had to makeup after school that day and I also had an assignment that I needed to remember so I decided to write it on my arm. Next thing I knew I was drawing all kinds of designs on my arm and I thought hey why not try writing relax on my wrist, hoping it would calm my nerves a bit. When I actually went in after school to take the test I was extremely nervous. Well while I was taking the test I would look down at my wrist and see relax written on my wrist and suddenly I would feel a sense of relaxation! I was pretty surprised because just looking at my wrist would remind me to relax and then I would actually feel more relaxed! I was really surprised that it actually worked but now I plan on doing it all the time because it really did help me :) I have to take the ACT on Saturday and I know exactly what will be written on my wrist…Let’s just hope it helps me again!

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