Monday, February 1, 2010

Greatest Freak Out Ever Fake or Real???

So my friends and I were looking at youtube videos and I decided to show them one I was first shown in AP physics class; it’s called the Greatest Freak out Ever. There is a series of these videos on the youtube website and they are all about this boy who freaks out to extreme degrees over the littlest of things. Well, first off we basically laughed our heads off, but then had a disagreement as to whether they were actually real or not. I personally am of the belief that they are real but that is also because I do believe there are people who are seriously that messed up in this world, but my friends did make a good point about how some people will do anything to get their name and videos viewed by millions on the famous website. It still seems like that is pretty ridiculous to put yourself out there and look like a complete idiot just for a million people to see. I do understand that they are making money off of t-shirts and other souvenirs from their childish freak outs yet you could not pay me any amount of money to show off a hissy fit of mine that extreme…and so many of them, too! That is another thing for the side of saying they are fake, there are so many of them! I am not really sure how the brother manages to get so many of these freak outs on camera and what would make him decide to put them on youtube in the first place. That seems to be an awfully cruel thing to do to your brother no matter how crazy he is. There is a lot of evidence that just doesn’t add up with the freak outs but I just cannot help thinking they have to be real. I mean they are just so out there that I don’t know that anyone could possibly make that stuff up! I don’t know I guess I just will have to agree with my friends to disagree, but why don’t you check them out for yourself. Below is the original Greatest Freak out Ever!

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