Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pamper your Confidence

One of my friends and I were having a conversation via facebook chat last night. My friend was trying to get me to do something that I just could not get myself to do, talk to someone I didn’t know on facebook. She is like one of my best friends and so confident and comfortable with putting herself out there that has done this all the time! Well, I am not as confident in myself as she is so that fact that she was even trying to get me to do this was causing me great concern. I have been working hard lately to be more open but it is just not the way I am exactly so it takes quite a bit of effort. Well, long story short I didn’t end up talking to the said person on facebook, but my friend and I came with an idea that would help me to work on opening up more and being more confident in myself. She and some of my other friends were going to come up with a list of stuff that I would never do and then in a few weekends we would go around and complete this list. It of course would not just be me who is completing a list of things to increase my confidence but we each would be completing lists and through completing these lists we would all be boosting our confidence. It would be a weekend focusing on boosting our confidence, how great is that?! So many people go through high school and are tormented by their peers because they are different, that don’t follow the fold. It can be really difficult sometimes to stay true to yourself and to do so with confidence. I think everyone should really think about spending a weekend where they focus on boosting their confidence because it is my opinion that everyone could really use a weekend where they really look inward to just make themselves feel special. It is like a spa day for your self esteem and confidence. We spend so much time primping and trying to boost our outer images that we forget to pamper our inner selves. I definitely think everyone should make lists with their friends that would help them with their confidence issues; if they have them (there are some people who are perfectly confident enough but not many) and if not a little boost in your confidence could never hurt anyone. So I really cant wait!!!

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    that girl is a genius ;)